Lipotest meal - Mode of Preparation and Consumption

Mode of Preparation and Consumption

The LIPOTEST meal packaging consists of a 115g sachet powder.

• In a bowl with 150ml lukewarm water, add the content of the sachet and stir very well (with hand mixer or whisk) until the powder is completely dissolved and forms a homogeneous drink.
Then refrigerate until the drink becomes mousse.

• The next morning, following a 10-12 hour fasting, eat the mousse. You can drink as much water as you want. Any kind of juice or drink containing sugar is forbidden. However, you can have a coffee or tea but without sugar or milk.

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Because the mousse has fatty taste, it is suggested to be consumed immediately (within a few minutes) and not slowly, as a dessert.

Four hours after the meal consumption, blood samples for triglyceride blood level measurements are taken by the microbiologist.

During these 4 hours, you should be relatively calm. Avoid exercise and excess fatigue. From the time of its preparation, the mousse should be stored in the refrigerator and be consumed in the following 48 hours.