Lipotest meal - Uniqueness - Innovation

Uniqueness - Innovation

The LIPOTEST meal is the only meal available worldwide diagnostic meal used to perform the Fat Tolerance Test.

The Fat Tolerance Test is an innovative test which gives very important information, given the fact that the early determination of people with postprandial hypertriglyceridaemia (similar to the oral glucose tolerance test in individuals with pre-diabetes) can protect the patient from precocious cardiovascular events.

The novelty and advantages of the patented meal LIPOTEST are the following:
• The patient does not need to be hospitalized to perform the Fat Tolerance Test as used to do until recently. Hence, the cost of the test and the patient's inconvenience are reduced.

• The LIPOTEST meal has ABSOLUTELY standardized and measurable composition. Thus, there is no risk of over-or underestimation of the Fat Tolerance Test results, something which is likely to happen if the proportion of the nutrients and saturated fat is not absolutely right.

• The LIPOTEST meal is practically impossible to be prepared in the microbiology laboratory, or to be prepared by the patient himself (indicatively contains 375% of the recommended daily amount of saturated fat). Its disposal as a standardized meal is the only way for this examination to be affordable to the community, maximizing in this way the diagnostic and preventive potency of Fat Tolerance Test to the society.