Lipotest meal - Product information

Product information

The LIPOTEST meal testing is intended for use in high risk patients for vascular disease.

Patients who have a high probability of developing positive Fat Tolerance Test are:
• Cardiac
• Hypertensive
• Diabetics
• Obese - Overweight patients with body mass index (BMI) > 27kg/m2
• Women in menopause
• Elderly > 65 years
• Smokers and
• Patients with metabolic syndrome

Contraindications It is not recommended to perform the Fat Tolerance Test in patients with fasting triglycerides >220 mg/dL
Special Precautions The LIPOTEST meal is a diagnostic meal used ONLY to perform the Fat Tolerance Test.
The product should be used with medical supervision.
This product is not suitable as the sole source of nutrition.
Consuming LIPOTEST meal without being subjected to Fat Tolerance Test, can be a risk.
Interactions with drugs and other substances: On the day of the examination and the day before it, it is prohibited to take orlistat (xenical, alli) because it creates a high probability of diarrhea - steatorrhea and reduces the diagnostic value of the Fat Tolerance Test, after consuming the LIPOTEST meal.
Dosage 115g powder of LIPOTEST meal is consumed in a single meal (or 265g mousse after dissolving the powder in 150ml of water).
Overdose Overdose of LIPOTEST meal has not any adverse effects. No toxicity has been reported from fat.
Adverse Side effects have not been mentioned.
Commercial Distribution The diagnostic LIPOTEST meal is used in microbiology laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals.